Social Media Manager – 9 Reasons You Need One

Why hire a Social Media Manager and pay additional overhead?

Social media is an important part of marketing these days and a social media manager is a must – that is, if you want to maximize your brand presence on all platforms.

In addition to giving you better results overall, a social media manager can offer many benefits to your company including but not limited to increased engagement with your follower base, increased lead generation and a boost to your pre-existing marketing architecture. 

Not sure whether or not you should hire a Social Media Manager? Here’s 9 reasons why you should reconsider.

In this article, we’ll take a look at:

What is a Social Media Manager

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Social media managers help businesses to grow their following and promote awareness of their business online. Social media managers represent brands on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by developing marketing campaigns, creating quality content and interacting and responding to user inquiries. Additionally, they also plan and curate brand-specific content that’s designed to engage with your brand’s following and supplement pre-existing marketing intiatives.

Considering whether or not to hire someone to manage your social media for you? Here are some benefits to working with a professional social media manager.

9 Ways A Social Media Manager Can Help Your Business

1. Greater ROI

With a professional social media manager at the reigns, you can ensure that your marketing budget will be optimized and that you will be receiving the highest return on your investment.

A lot of time and money can quickly be wasted on social ads and strategies that are not informed by solid background knowledge and experience in social media marketing. Rather than do it yourself, or have an inexperienced employee attempt to manage your brand online, consider hiring a social media manager to ensure you are getting the most for your money.

2. Strategy

A well-developed and thorough social media strategy is required to succeed online these days. Random posts and promotions will not be able to cut through the vast competition. A social media manager will develop an effective strategy that will help your business outline and reach its goals.

Marketing on Social Media is about more than just posting content. Here are5 Successful Social MEdia Campaigns To Learn From “

3. Reputation
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Taking a tounge-in-cheek approach, Wendy's exuberant Social Media Manager has done a great job at developing a unique brand reputation and identity. (

An important factor in social media management is brand reputation. With so many people online, varying opinions of your products and services are likely to be shared. A social media manager will ensure that your brand is presented in a positive light and will uphold your reputation online by positively interacting with consumers and responding to their questions, concerns, comments and reviews (both good and bad).

4. Trends

A social media manager will make sure that your business keeps on top of all the latest changes and trends online. Social media is a very rapidly changing industry and it can be difficult to stay informed about new changes at the best of times.

Luckily, a social media manager will have the latest and greatest knowledge about what’s going on online. This will help your brand by ensuring that you are sharing relevant content, using all available features that will benefit your business and that you are staying within the guidelines presented by the many platforms online.

5. Consistency
ContentCal's tile system provides users with a host of important data. (

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Your audience will be more likely to engage and continue to follow you if you are consistent in your execution online. In addition, consistency can actually help to attract new followers.

A social media manager will develop an effective schedule for your content and make sure that it is posted consistently and during peak times in order to maximize reach and engagement rates.

Social Media Managers will work to organize a Social Media Calendar, strategically posting content that’s designed to maximize engagement and generate new leads. 

6. Timely Responses

Consumers online expect good customer service from businesses on social media. In fact, 42% of online users expect their social media inquiry to be responded to within 60 minutes! An unanswered question or a question that is not answered in a timely manner could cost a sale and even a customer.

A social media manager will be on top of this – answering customer questions and engaging with users online in a timely and effective manner. In addition to customer retention, attending to customers in a timely and positive fashion can actually attract new customers as well.

7. Engagement
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Contest Marketing is just one of many marketing campaigns that a Social Media Manager will facilitate. (

New, fresh content that is topical and useful to consumers can go a long way online. A social media manager will know just what to post and when to post it in order to maximize engagement online. For the best results with social media, high engagement is a top priority therefore a social media manager who can create engaging and share-worthy content is a must.

Social Media is all about engagement and hosting a contest is one of the best ways to get your customer base involved while also generating interest and new leads. Learn more about what Contest Marketing is and how it can work for your brand.

8. Quality Content

A professional social media manager will know exactly what type of content to produce for each platform and will ensure that this content is of the highest quality. When you’re trying to scrape together a post every day or every couple of days, it can be difficult to create topical, quality content that your viewers want to see (and ideally share). However, with the help of a social media manager, and their strategy and content calendar, your content is sure to be of the highest quality.

9. Reporting

How will you ever know if your social media is successful without statistics? A social media manager will ensure that you have all the data available and necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies. Reports will include information like engagement rates and website traffic coming from social streams – this will provide you with valuable insight into how well your social platforms are performing and whether they are bringing your business revenue.

Based on these reports, a social media manager will also be able to adjust and make changes to the social media strategy in order to improve it.

Key Takeaways on Hiring a Social Media Manager

Although social media may look like a walk in the park to some, an effective social media presence requires a lot more knowledge and time than is often considered. Rather than wasting efforts by trying to do social media yourself (or with the help of an inexperienced employee), you will receive much better results with the help of a professional social media manager.

Here are 9 ways a social media manager can help your business online:

  1.   Return on investment – get the best ROI by optimizing marketing budgets and maximizing engagement rates.


  2.   Strategy and implementation – reach your goals online by implementing a clear and concise social media strategy.


  3.   Reputation – make sure your brand is represented positively online in order to retain customers and attract new ones.


  4.   Trends and changes – stay on top of changes and trends online to ensure your content is topical and adhering to rules.


  5.   Consistency – consistency is key for attracting new followers, maintaining current followers and maximizing engagement.


  6.   Timely responses – failing to respond to a customer in a timely manner can result in a lost sale or even a lost customer! A social media manager will ensure all inquiries are responded to in an appropriate and timely manner.


  7.   Engagement – maximize engagement with a social media manager’s insight into what and when to post.


  8.   Quality content – interesting, useful and shareable content is necessary to capture your audience’s attention. A social media manager will ensure quality content is posted for the best results.


  9.   Reporting – receive reports from your social media manager that will show the effectiveness of your business’ online activities. In addition to your ability to monitor success with these reports, your social media manager can revisit current strategies and make changes as necessary for the best possible campaigns.

With the help of a social media manager your business can reach its full potential online!

Written By Vincent Lee

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