10 Amazing ‘About Us’ Page Examples to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Why are ‘About Us’ page examples important?

Cast your mind back to your first day of school: daunting, exciting and a little bit unnerving. You’re about to walk into your new classroom for the first time, ignorance abound, without a clue as to who you’ll meet when you step inside. A week or two passes and still, even though you’ve clicked with the video game enthusiast and shared your gum with the football star who sat next to you, there are still some people amongst that crowd whose mystery you’ve yet to unravel.

On the surface, that might sound appealing – to know so little about a constant presence adds an air of intrigue to their character – but, in practice, it means you’ll probably feel more and more detached from them as time goes on, and less and less inclined to unpick their qualities.

An ‘About Us’ page is much getting to know that video game enthusiast or that football star you share your gum with. It tells you more about who they are; their mission, goals and values.

Businesses and brands who lack one (or, at least, lack a good one) will forever remain aloof and unexplored, just like interesting acquaintances whom you’ve never taken the time to get to know. Mysteriousness and intrigue can only work for so long in a society that is desperate for instantaneous knowledge at their fingertips and, perhaps above all, human connection. 

They want to know the origin story behind a business, a brand, so that they know to trust who they’re buying from or liaising with. They want to know that you’re credible. This is what an ‘About Us’ page is for; it provides insight to a potential client, it might disclose what sets the company apart from any competitors, and it might include practical information such as an address or contact form. 

In today’s economic climate and increasingly interconnected world, a great ‘About Us’ page helps you stand out from the pack. Here’s our guide on how you can write an amazing ‘About Us’ Page. 

Great ‘About Us’ Page Examples

The best ‘About Us’ pages will humanise your brand by injecting your own personal character and backstory into it, thus appearing warmer and more approachable. It will give your business the chance to present itself as you wish for your customers to perceive it and inform consumers about your product, unique selling proposition and your organization’s overall purpose.

Transforming a good ‘About Us’ page into a great ‘About Us’ page will define your vision and value with a design-orientated flair. Eager to learn more? Take a look at these following ‘About Us’ page examples.

5 ‘About Us’ Page Examples with Design-Oriented Flair

1. Anton & Irene
Fun and whimsical, Anton & Irene's page informs about their business as well as their leadership team. (http://www.antonandirene.com/)

The Manhattan-based design agency Anton & Irene has already integrated the personal touch into their business in the very fact that the company is named after themselves –  without any frills.

To add to this humanisation, their ‘About Us’ page is interactive and scrollable, and further stands out from the crowd for the parallax snow effects that accompany their personal biographies. Innovative and inviting, Anton & Irene are a great source of inspiration for a design and user-centric ‘about us’ page.

2. Couro Azul
Bold but grounded, Couro Azul's 'About Us' page is a statement of confidence. (https://www.couroazul.com/about/)

It’s unlikely that you’d ever require Couro Azul’s services, seeing as they specialise in leather furnishing for cars and trains. Nevertheless, the company present themselves as authentic and warm in their ‘About Us’ page. 

Beautifully worn documents and other key visuals give off the impression of authenticity and long-lasting survivability. With subtle animations, their niche is made palatable for the average person and commands attention through its varied scrollable layouts.

3. Madebyband
Clean and simple, Madebyband's 'About Us' page reflects upon their business. (http://madebyband.com/

Madebyband‘s ‘About Us’ page combines the experimental with the minimal, using hand-crafted type to inject some friendliness and approachability into the business, but remaining simple and professional through the use of neutral tones and white space to balance everything out.

4. Whoa Nelly Catering
Whoa Nelly Catering goes against the current with textured illustrations and graphics. (http://www.whoanellycatering.com/)

Whoa Nelly Catering’s ‘About Us’ page is filled with design-orientated flair because it subverts the commonplace trend; there’s not a minimalist, sleek, flat layout in sight. Instead, Whoa Nelly’s Catering favours vintage illustrations and simple typography, presenting an uncomplicated and warm environment in alignment with their brand.

5. The Mealings
The Mealing's equilibrium theme speaks to both their company and their relationship. (http://legacy.themealings.com.au/)

The Mealing’s ‘About Us’ page is minimal in composition so far as colour palette is concerned, but stands out for the original vertical division and bold mirroring which creates a sense of equilibrium between both team members.

Without being too design or content heavy, the visuals of their ‘About Us’ page is still striking and catches their audiences attention. 

5 ‘About Us’ Page Examples with Vision and Values

1. Superfluent Design
Superfluent Design captures their audience's attention not through visual design, but through comedic humour. (http://www.superfluentdesign.com/studio/)

Superfluent’s ‘About Us’ page portrays their vision and values through a mix of functionality and humour. Here, each team member is pictured alongside a comprehensive list of their quirks and qualities which, for a sector as personal (and oftentimes eccentric) as art and design, is bound to be attractive to a potential client.

2. Dashing Dish
A first person perspective personalizes the brand allows you to connect with your audience. (https://dashingdish.com/about/)

Dashing Dish’s ‘About Us’ page doesn’t entice the senses as much as the previous ones do but is, nonetheless, to-the-point. The text itself is warm and inviting, adhering to the homeliness a healthy eating service like Dashing Dish would want to promote.

3. Starbucks
Coffee giant Starbucks keeps it concise with a straightforward mission statement. (https://www.starbucks.com/about-us)

Likewise, Starbucks’ ‘About Us’ page is surprisingly minimal and simple; there isn’t an animation or hand-drawn illustration in sight, let alone a particularly tantalising colour palette. But this is what makes this ‘About Us’ page burst with vision and values. Simple and direct, Starbucks use a black-and-white picture to highlight their pledge to honour their humble heritage, and their copy itself isn’t too flowery – it’s a simple “commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world.”

4. Copyblogger 
Large print and key visuals make this 'About Us' page impactful and informative. (https://www.copyblogger.com/about/)

Copyblogger’s ‘About Us’ page focuses on other people. It’s all about the customer (and what they can expect to learn from the website) rather than the founder, the latter of whom chooses to introduce himself a way down the page rather than appear too forthright and proud. This technique outlines the company’s vision by placing the customer at centre stage but, also, the reluctance to stylise their ‘About Us’ page like a CV adds extra weight and authenticity to their credentials by inciting the reader’s curiosity.  

5. Tumblr
Tumblr keeps it informative but engaging with bullet point information. (https://www.tumblr.com/about)

Another rather plain and minimalistic ‘About Us’ page, Tumblr conveys their aim and message using numbers; their statistics on how many blogs the platform boasts creates a feeling of community and, for someone who isn’t signed up, a sense that they’re missing out. More than this, the copy itself continues this theme of community and cohesion, concluding with an amiable call to arms.

Key Takeaways for About Us Page Examples

As you’ve seen, ‘About Us’ pages can range in their visual design as well as their content. 

It’s important to pick an aesthetic and tone that works not only with your organisation, but your business and industry as well. Your ‘About Us’ page will inform your audience about who you are, your organisation’s goals and how you can provide a service for your audience. If it isn’t presentable, then chances are most consumers will stick to leaving you as an acquaintance rather than taking the plunge to get to know who you are. 

Want to create an amazing ‘About Us’ page but don’t know where to start? Here’s our guide to help get you started! 

Written By Thea Christie

Thea is the Content Marketing Lead at Advesa and possesses a strange love of grammar, syntax and punctuation. In the past, she’s worked as a content specialist for publications in the startup, SME and tech space. When she’s not storytelling, she’s busy being a travel junkie. @theachristie