The Lover Archetype – Brand Personality Examples

This is a series on brand personality examples.  Learn more about brand personality and the 12 brand personality examples to understand their importance and ubiquity in business. 

The Lover Archetype

Sensual, desirable and sought after, you’re the prima donna of your industry; Lady Godiva of your market and Helen of Troy to your audience. You don’t just feel love, you are love, and you extend this philosophy of self-love and respect to your audience through cultivating personal, intimate relationships. After all, what is a life without love?

Indulgent in passion, “the Lover” is emblematic of everything that entices the senses – aesthetic visuals, sensory experiences and illustrious yearning. However, “the Lover” is not just involved with passionate, hedonistic pursuits; “the Lover” is in pursuit of passionate, meaningful connections . Whether it’s romantic, familial or personal – relationships reign supreme.

Focusing primarily on the relationship you have with your consumers, brands that have “the Lover” personality strive to make themselves as warm, welcoming and inviting as possible. Shopping experiences are intimate and visually appealing, and your products and services are designed to do the same. Stores and digital platforms foster a sense of belonging, allowing you to truly connect with your audience. 

The Lover – Personality Profile

Common industry trends: Gifts, confectionary, intimates​
Values: Intimacy – carefree, excitement, youth
Philosophy: Feel attractive in every way. Be sensual and deeply in touch with who you are; know you’re worth it and that you deserve to treat yourself
Fears: Blending in with the crowd and not getting noticed. Feeling left out, unloved, or unwanted.

The Lover – Brand Examples

You’ll commonly see “The Lover” brand personality being emulated in industries as gifts, confectionaries and intimate gifts, but upscale cologne, clothing and even food brands are also able to pull of this personality well. Any product or service that focuses on the physicality and passion of the human experience can effectively utilize “The Lover” brand personality to their advantage. 

Here are a few examples.

Victoria’s Secret

the lover brand personality

Walk into a retail Victoria’s Secret store and take note of the deliberation that the store goes through to recreate that sense of youthful, carefree excitement. A bright, colorful centerpiece is often the first thing to catch your eye with full-scale, visual banners captivating them next. Parfum can be smelled as soon as you set foot in the store and sales associates are eager to assist you with whatever you need.

Victoria’s Secret embodies the Lover’s philosophy perfectly. The entire retail experience is meant to, in some way or another, make you feel attractive in every way. Store associates will strive to avoid making you feel as if you’re unwanted or ignored, often going out of their way to welcome you onto the premises.

All of this is to say that their ultimate goal is, like any lover, to create intimate relationships with their client base by providing an elevated, personalized experience. Everything from the look, feel and overall shopping experience delivers on that goal. 

Godiva Chocolate

godiva chocolate the lover

Chocolates and gifts are a common industry trend for this personality, but what makes Godiva Chocolate stand out from, say, the likes of Purdy’s Chocolates? 

Taking a look at the persona’s goal, the experience of the brand is to be focused upon an “elevated” experience based on intimate connection and sensation. To deliver on this experience, Godiva chocolate retail stores routinely offer a select sample of choice chocolates to their customers.

Embodying the philosophy knowing exactly how and when you deserve to treat yourself is another element that Godiva Chocolate strives to fulfill. Products are wrapped up in elaborate gift boxes and finished off with a tied ribbon. These boxes come in a variety of flavors – not to mention occasions. Anniversaries, wedding gifts and even chocolate dipped strawberries are all offerings provided by Godiva.

Dig a little further and you’ll notice the deliberate language that they use, too. Chocolate isn’t just sweet, it’s indulgent. You don’t just eat Godiva Chocolate, you experience it. All of these elements come together as if the brand was embodying Lady Godiva herself. 

How to Emulate The Lover Brand Personality

To properly embody this brand personality, the utmost attention needs to be paid to the overall customer experience. While the goal of any Lover-oriented personality is to create a relationship based on intimate connection, passion and sensations, the customer experience is the important foundation of which everything is laid upon.

Taking cues from Victoria’s Secret and Godiva Chocolate, you might pay special attention in training up staff to recreate a customer experience that’s as personable and intimate as possible. Make customers feel attractive and wanted – let them know that they deserve and are worthy of whatever it is that you’re selling. Build your client base up and connect with them to really sell this personality archetype. 

After all, what is love without connection? 

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